Your Beach Vacation Checklist

Spring break is almost here and those of you living in cold climates are probably heading to a warm, sunny, and sandy destination.

Vacation is the shiny object that we typically plan months in advance for and wait with anticipation until we are officially building sandcastles.

However, the week leading up to a family beach vacation means pulling out summer attire and packing for the entire family, which can be stressful, especially if you are packing for kids under the age of two. Phew, toddler packing is hard work!  

Let’s not forget, there is this perfect balance between having too much and not enough, and that struggle is the ultimate stress inducer when packing. We don’t want you to lose a single night’s sleepover making mental packing checklists, so your friends at Joybees put together a beach essentials vacation packing guide to provide some peace of mind.

First thing first, the essentials. When packing clothing, think about what your children will wear most and pack accordingly for the number of days remembering to add two more of just those items just in case. This will likely be short-sleeved tops and shorts.

Remember that sometimes the weather can shift and rain is always possible, so don’t forget to include a full coverage option. Keep your footwear simple. Make sure to pack a waterproof shoe option that is sturdier than a simple strap sandal. Kids like to run around and jump in and out of the water, make sure the shoe is suitable for both water play and out of water play. 

Clothing Essential Checklist

*Pro-tip - only pack one long-sleeved shirt and long pants, you won’t wear often and can re-wear if needed.


Think about all the items you would pack into the back of the car if you were driving down the street to go to the beach, there would be a lot right? But this time you are either driving for a longer distance or jumping on an airplane, there is no room for your deluxe sandcastle building kit or five beach blankets. However, you will need some items for the family and to keep the kids occupied during travel and for some downtime. 

* Pro-tip -  every extra item you bring needs to be compact. If it doesn’t condense into a smaller version, don’t bring it. 

  • Pocket Blanket
  • Collapsible Bucket
  • Entertainment
  • Art

Wherever you and your family are headed, you are going to have a great time! Getting to your destination is the hardest part about travel, don’t let packing complicate it further. A family vacation is all about leisure and connecting with your loved ones. Make sure you think through the list of activities you have planned beforehand so that you’re able to pack everything you need. Follow this guide for some extra redundancy. 

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