Comfort is Key

Now more than ever the “comfort is key” aspect of our lives has really been brought to life. Being able to work from home means you can stay in your comfy clothes all day, of course, if you don’t have any video calls, or if you do, your choice. If you’re saying that sweatpants are not a staple of your wardrobe at the moment, you’re either lying or need to test it out. 

Whether you’re taking a walk around the block, working hard from your home office (a.k.a. the kitchen counter), or working out, they’re truly perfect for everything you do at home. If your comfy clothes normally don’t make an appearance except for bedtime, don’t worry, we have some outfit ideas for you, from laidback to unexpectedly cute that you can recreate. 

Comfy pants are a staple 

Not going to lie, we all have said we would never go out in half the outfits that have made an appearance at the grocery store or one of your daily walks during this stay at home order. If you’re getting ready every day and wearing real clothes to the store or just around the house, kudos to you, really. While whipping out the jeans once a week for your meeting filled day can be a refreshing dose of normalcy, it’s too much work for every day, or maybe I’m just lazy – no regrets. 

Personally, before the quarantine, I would only wear my comfy clothes when I worked out, was lounging around the house, or going to bed. After these past few weeks, my life will never be the same. Being able to wear leggings around the house has been the literal best. Not only are they so comfy, but I have also learned so many ways to pair them with my everyday wardrobe pieces. 

With the new graphic tee trend going on, it’s never been a better time to whip out your leggings and pair them with your new graphic top. Some of my favorite graphic tees can be found at Lucky Brand, they’re always running a sale so you’re bound to get a great deal. May I suggest pairing your leggings with one of your vintage band tees? We all know these tees are comfy and are super in trend, so why not take advantage? If you don’t have any, Junk Food has some cute ones as well as other adorable styles. 

But what shoes should I wear with my sweats?

Okay, I had this exact thought after I completed my first insta worthy comfy clothes look. Yes, a lot of the time you won’t be leaving the house, but I know I personally need to wear some kind of shoes when I’m working from home. I don’t know why wearing shoes makes me feel more put together than a pair of jeans or is that just me, again? So while you can’t exactly pair your favorite Adidas joggers with your brand new pair of booties, or I mean you can, you do you girl, we have some other suggestions that really scream comfort. 

Joybees, Joybees, Joybees

Shameless plug, we believe Joybees provide the ultimate quarantine comfort. These shoes are the definition of the perfect stay-at-home work shoe. When I first got mine, I thought they were going to be just that, for home, boy was I wrong. I truly have not worn any other shoes since I got my Joybees even though I have a whole closet full. 

My first pair of Joybees were The Everyday Sandal. I personally got the Navy, but there are so many colors to choose from. The honeycomb pillow insoles make it so I can wear the shoes around the house and when I’m getting ready to go on my hourly walk, I don’t even need to search for my shoes (hoping someone else feels the struggle). What is the best way to wear my everyday sandals? On a normal day, I like to pair mine with a pair of leggings.

Of course, after getting one pair of Joybees, you will realize that you need other pairs in different colors. One of the best styles for lounging around the house is definitely the Lounge Slide. As you can tell by the name, this shoe is perfect for chilling around the house, walking outside to get the mail, and truly whatever you want to do while still staying comfortable. The Lounge Slide is specifically designed to slip on and off easily at moments notice. These shoes pair perfectly with those Adidas joggers discussed earlier or a pair of baggy sweats. 

If you’re in a hotter area such as California, don’t worry there’s a perfect pair of Joybees to pair with your shorts. At $19.99 the Casual Flip is affordable and perfect for the upcoming warmer months. Everyone needs a comfortable, stylish pair of sandals for running errands or sitting on the porch drinking a glass of rosé.  

You can’t forget the newly released Modern Clog as well. Perfect for camping, running errands, or yet again, lounging around the house, the clog is our twist on the popular clogs on the market today. With an adjustable back strap, it’s perfect for those who like a little extra security, or just slipping on when you’re about to garden. With a durable outsole and lots of breathability built into the design, they are easy to clean off, so don’t be afraid to get them dirty!

While your Joybees can be the most comfortable shoes you own, sometimes you just want to keep your toes warm so you want something you can wear socks with. Fear not! Joybees are perfect to pair with your socks. Yes, it’s tempting to pair them with fuzzy socks, I do it on a daily basis, but why not show off some of the socks you never get to? Whip out the Christmas socks? Who’s going to judge you? That’s right, no one. 

Here at Joybees, we hope you’re doing well through this quarantine. We want to see how you’re rocking your shoes around the house, so tag us on one of our social media platforms with the hashtag #joyinjoybees! Hopefully, your Joybees bring you as much comfort during this time as your favorite fuzzy blanket does on cold, winter days. We’re looking forward to seeing how you rock your shoes inside your house and out on the town in the months to come.

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