How To Throw A Virtual Birthday Party

Stuck at home with an upcoming birthday? For many, this may make it a difficult time to celebrate, but with technology on our side, you can throw the ultimate virtual party! While you may not be able to give your special one a super tight hug at the moment, you can still make them feel celebrated on their special day. 

It may be hard for your little ones to understand what’s going on right now, it’s difficult for us adults as well. Here at Joybees, we wanted to help give a few ideas to make sure that they feel as special as they can on their special day even in this situation, including virtual birthday gifts, virtual birthday cake, and overall virtual reality birthday party ideas.


So you’ve decided on having a virtual birthday party, what first? Well, good thing we have a few virtual party ideas to get started. With so much extra time in the day with your kiddos, finding extra activities to make the party more exciting are necessary! Since delivering cards to their friends in class is not possible, try making a virtual card, whether it be hand-drawn and scanned, or created using an online platform like Evite or Facebook Events

Choose a theme

Just like any normal party, your little one has to have a theme in mind. By having a theme, you can make the planning of the online party seem more put together instead of throwing a bunch of random ideas together. In a time where there is so much that’s unpredictable, you can make the celebration as structured as possible. If it’s superhero-themed, you can ask everyone to wear their best superhero costume or even better, a costume they made during the quarantine!

Online Party Set Up

While it may seem like everyone around you has started to utilize online communication tools like Zoom, when creating your invite, make sure to include instructions for those that haven’t. One exciting tool Zoom has that you can use your own backdrop on these calls. Check out Canva for some customizable Zoom virtual backgrounds. In addition to Zoom, there is also Google Hangout and Facetime. Keep in mind that Zoom has a forty-minute limit unless you upgrade, Google Hangout is limited to ten people, and Facetime is only for iPhone users. 

After making a plan on how you’re going to get everybody together, you’ll have to brainstorm things to do. Depending on the size of the party, there are multiple things you can do to keep everyone engaged. 

  • Rent a Character – with sites like Rent-a-Character and Ever After Princess, you can leave the entertainment to Spiderman, Elsa, and many more!
  • Have a virtual watch party – Netflix Party makes it possible to watch Netflix with your friends online and even includes a group chat!
  • Virtual Party Kits – if you’re able to drop off supplies, create little goody baskets depending on the theme, for example, a spa day kit or a coloring kit - we have some sheets you can print out for free that they can all do at the same time.


It’s finally the day! While your little one is probably excited about their virtual birthday party, they are probably sad at the same time. You’re probably asking yourself, how can I make today extra special? Depending on what you’re open to doing, there are a few things that you could do to surprise them in addition to their party.


While this can be decorating their room, common area, or even the front yard, letting them know that you’re excited about their birthday can make or break the day. If you’re planning on utilizing a certain area for their video call, try to make an exciting backdrop. Whether it be with balloons, signs, or whatever fits your fancy, make them feel excited to show it off to their friends. If you make an exciting backdrop, you can always take pictures with it so you can have a visual to remember their birthday. Try getting some special balloons they could hold with the age they’re turning too!

Birthday Parade

If your little ones' friends live nearby, try to organize a parade around the virtual party. You could have their friends drive by with signs and blasting music to surprise them. At this time they could also drop off gifts, pick up goody bags, or just get out of the house and see some familiar faces. 

Special Outfit

No shame, we all have been working from home in our sweats and slippers… But on such a special day you should all dress up for the occasion! Treat your little one to a special outfit or pair of shoes that they can show off to their friends, may we suggest the stylish yet comfortable kid’s active clog? Things may feel more exciting than normal if you all wear your everyday clothes, and it gives you an excuse to finally clean those sweats you’ve been wearing for three days straight. 



Having a non-traditional party may result in forgetting a few aspects you normally think of, that’s what we’re here for. 

The important stuff – food

We can’t be the only ones that automatically think about snacks when you’re on the way to a party, let alone planning it. While some parties are more catered to snacks, such as movie showings or barbeques, there’s a high probability that your little one will be hungry at some point. Make sure to have some snacks nearby so your little ones don’t have to miss any of the fun. 

On the topic of food – the birthday cake

So this is a little bit harder than usual. Of course with modern-day technology there are virtual birthday cakes you can share on the screen so everyone can sing along. One option for a virtual birthday cake is Cakesy, you can choose the text, style of cake, and the frosting all virtually.

But how will you curb their birthday sweet tooth? One of the easier options is having ice cream, but if you’re looking for some activities to entertain them on their birthday, we suggest baking some cupcakes. Not only will that keep them busy, but you’re able to still give them something special without risking a sugar rush from them eating too much cake.  


For little ones, opening gifts is one of the most exciting parts of their birthday party. Unless their friends get things shipped or dropped off, they may feel a little down that they don’t have anything to open. Yet again, technology comes in handy. With websites like Amazon, you can ask their friends via the invitation to send over online gift cards or things to be delivered to the house so they have something to look forward to. You and your little one can make a wish list on Amazon filled with what your little one wants for their virtual birthday presents. We also have some exciting styles that your little one would love to have for the summer too, especially our adventure sandal! Making this list to put on your invitation gives you another thing to occupy all that extra quarantine time together. 

Thank you notes

On the topic of keeping busy, you can’t forget to have your little one send out thank you notes. With social distancing in place, sending these out should be less of a hassle than normal. Whether it be over text or ringing up one of their friends to thank them, it’s a great way to continue the practice of thanking those around them for a gift or even showing up to celebrate them.

With everything going on, it’s hard to make things seem normal. Having a structured day to make your little one feel special on their birthday is a way to make light of this situation. Being able to make the most out of this quarantine is an excellent way to help show your little one the importance of making the most out of every situation. 

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